Dude, BodyBuilding Is Not a Race

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I m not a bodybuilding freak but i have been going consistently to gym since the last two months. There are certain things which i think, should be taken care off while going to gym, especially for beginners and i m gonna share those things with my viewers. These are some tips which i personally feel and recommend to all beginners :-

  • If You Are Not 19

The best age for starting gyming is 19. So if you are are not 19 yet, dont get disappointed. You could still workout like doing early morning exercises ( involving running, push ups , pull ups). Although these workouts could hardly help you built some muscular looks but  it will help you out to maintain a perfect hygiene.

  • Stop comparing Start ignoring

If you are amongst those who get demoralized after looking the muscular body builds of  other dudes then here is the perfect solution to your problem:-

Things go worst when u start comparing yourself  with the body builds of a muscular dude. I still remember that first week when i joined the gym, it appeared to me as if the whole gym was staring me . But soon i got a solution and the solution is “Stop Comparing Start ignoring”. Trust me its gonna workout.

  •   Lift Light

If you are feeling yourself prey to the “criticism” of your peers who keeps on taunting you for your inability to lift weights in a proper manner then the only solution is to **** their ass .(LoL , i know you are not gonna do that). OK, if you are not going to that just show them what  you are upto. I mean to say just “Lift Light” and maintain a correct posture. Once you get to know how to maintain a good posture you could easily lift heavy weights later on.

  • Work  Heavy in light Schedules and vice-versa

For people who are working in corporates, if you are tired by your hectic day to day busy schedules then do a comparatively lighter workout. You could workout heavy on the weekends(as Saturday and Sunday are holidays). This will help you maintain your body fitness.

And do remember we all have different body types. Body take its own time to come into shape as body strength and endurability varies from person to person. Stop testing your body skills by lifting intense weights too early afterall

                                           “Body Building is not a race”.

Hello world!

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It’s my first blog. Like an average blogger,  there were common questions in my mind before actually writing this post like

( What should i write?, How should i write?, Will my writings gonna create an impact?, Will other bloggers gonna view my profile?).

It took me seven days to finally make a decision to write my first post. After reading out quiet enough from other blogs, I gathered enough confidence to write my  first blog.

So lets start writing the depths of this world.  Lets start blogging.